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Privacy Policy

S&F Solutions B.V. Chamber of Commerce number: 74916033, Based in the Netherlands, operator of the internet shop, declares that all personal data (hereinafter also "data") will be treated as strictly confidential and that they are treated in accordance with the valid legal provisions on the protection of personal data.

The security of your personal data is essential to us. That is why we pay the necessary attention to personal data and its protection. In this Privacy Policy ("Principles"), we would like to inform you about what personal data we collect about you and how we further use it.

1.1. Categories of personal data

We collect various data, When you buy from us, we collect:

  • Your name and contact details. Your first and last name, email address, mailing address, billing address, telephone number, bank details, payment details.
  • Demographics. Information about your gender, date of birth, country and preferred language.
  • Data arising from the duration of the agreement – ​​the products purchased, the customer segment, the scope of the services provided

If you purchase marketing communications from us, we collect:

  • Name and contact details – email address and first name.
  • Demographics – country, and data about your gender.

We also process the following personal data:

  • Data arising from the communication between S&F Solutions and the customer
  • Registrations of your behavior on the websites managed by the company S&F Solutions B.V.

1.2. Purposes of the processing of personal data:

  • Provision of services and improvement thereof. In order to be able to provide the services offered and to have them function to your satisfaction, we process your personal data. Specifically, this includes:
    • The processing of your order for items or services, via our website, or customer service. The legal reason lies in the need to comply with the purchase agreement, and with selected data to comply with the legal obligation (e.g. accounting documents).
    • Notification of Item Availability. In the event that you request the availability of an article, we will process your personal data based on your consent.
    • We process your personal data on the basis of the necessary compliance with these agreements to ensure customer service and to resolve any problems when complying with the purchase agreement.
    • We use the collected data to communicate with you and enable individual customization. For example, we may contact you by phone, email, or other means to remind you that you have items in the online shopping cart, to assist you in completing your order, to provide you with the current status of your request , order or complaint or to obtain more information about this from you, or to inform you that you need to take an action that is necessary to maintain the active status of your account. we process data for this purpose in order to be able to comply with the agreement. If you shop with us as a non-member, we process this data because of our legitimate interest which lies in the legitimate interests of S&F Solutions B.V., as described above.
    • Improve the services. We use the data for the continuous improvement of our services and systems, including adding new features and at the same time for the purpose of making informed decisions using statistical analysis and business intelligence, all based on our legitimate interest arising from the freedom of enterprise and which lies in improving the services rendered for the benefit of our success in economic competition. In order to adequately protect your rights and interests, we will keep your personal data as anonymous as possible, while using it to improve our services.
  • Protection, security and conflict resolution. We may also process the data on the basis of our legitimate interests which are the protection and security of our systems and our customers, detecting and preventing fraud, resolving disputes and fulfilling our agreements based on our lawful importance.
    • Commercial communication
      • We will send you commercial communications regarding similar products to the one you have purchased.
      • You can always refuse this commercial communication via an unsubscribe link, which you will find in every e-mail.
      • If you opt out of receiving commercial communications, we will no longer contact you electronically for these purposes. We will use it again if you register again or explicitly request it.
    • The marketing offers shown to you may be selected based on the information we have collected over time in the form of contact details, demographics, favorite articles and data about the use of our products and websites ( cookies, IP addresses, data provided by your browser, click data, commercial notices displayed, products viewed). We do not carry out fully automated processing that would have legal consequences for you.
    • If you are not a customer of ours, we will process your data based on your consent.
    • You have the right to object to such processing at any time and free of charge. Contact details are provided at the end of this document.


  • Processing of cookies from websites managed by the company S&F Solutions B.V.
    • In the event that you have allowed your browser to use cookies, we process registrations about your behavior via cookies placed on our website managed by the company S&F Solutions, for the purpose of improving traffic from to be able to provide the website of S&F Solutions and for internet advertising of the company S&F Solutions BV More information can be found in a separate chapter of this document. You consent to cookies through your browser settings.

1.3. Passing on personal data to third parties

Your personal information will be passed on to third parties or otherwise mediated, if this is necessary to comply with the purchase agreement, on the basis of legitimate interest or if you have given your consent in advance.

  • a) to affiliated companies and processors on the basis of complying with the purchase agreement for the purpose of internal processes and procedures
  • b) to credit card issuers, payment service providers for the purpose of processing payments and to banks based on your order, in order to fulfill the purchase agreement
  • c) to carriers to be able to deliver the products or services you ordered and to resolve complaints, including terminating the agreement
  • d) to our partners in loyalty programs you participate in
  • e) to other service providers and third parties involved in the processing of data;
  • f) to third parties, e.g. to the first representatives, to courts for the recovery or conclusion of any contract with you;
  • g) to government agencies (e.g. the police)
  • h) to third parties who conduct customer surveys

If a third party uses the data in the context of their legitimate interest, the processor bears no liability for this processing. This processing is governed by the principles of processing personal data of the companies and individuals concerned.

  1. customer account and purchase without registration
  • a) In the context of the contract with S&F Solutions B.V. we create a customer account that is password protected. Within your customer account you get direct access to your data, including editing, so that you can view both your completed and incomplete order and edit the newsletter transmission. You can also manage your personal data and the sending of the newsletter via the customer account.
  • b) Part of the customer account offers all kinds of benefits. Please refer to the relevant trading conditions for more information.
  • b) You have the right to cancel the customer account agreement in accordance with the relevant terms of trade.
  1. Security of personal data and the retention period

3.1. Security of personal data

  • a) We receive your personal data in encrypted form. We use the SSL (secure socket layer) encryption system. We secure our website and other systems by means of technical and organizational measures against loss and destruction of your data, access to your data by unauthorized persons, modification or distribution thereof.
  • b) Our processors have proof that their systems are GDPR compliant.
  • c) Access to your customer account is only possible after entering your personal password. In this regard, we would like to point out that it is necessary that you do not share your access data with third parties and that you always close the window of your web browser after completing your activities within your customer account, especially if you use your computer together with other users. . S&F Solutions B.V. accepts no liability for the misuse of the passwords used, unless this situation is immediately resolved by S&F Solutions B.V. caused.

3.2. Processing time

We process and store personal data

  • for the period strictly necessary to exercise all rights and fulfill all obligations arising from the purchase agreement
  • for the duration of the agreement
  • 1 year after the end of the warranty period for the resolution of potential disputes
  • during the period in which S&F Solutions is obliged as administrator to keep them in accordance with generally binding legal provisions. The accounting documents, for example the invoices issued by S&F Solutions B.V., are archived in accordance with the law for a period of 10 years from their issuance.
  • The consent to the availability of the goods remains valid during the time of transmission of the availability information, but no longer than for a period of 1 year or until its revocation.
  • The consent to the marketing offers is valid for a period of 4 years or until its withdrawal
  • Review 6 years
  • We help the 10 years
  • Communication 2 years
  • Competitions 1 year

In all other cases, the processing time results from the purpose of the processing or is subject to the legal regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

  1. Rights of data subjects
  • a) If we process your personal information, you can request information about the processing of your personal information free of charge at any time.
  • b) If you suspect that we are processing the personal data in violation of the protection of your personal data and the legal conditions for the protection of personal data, you can request an explanation, request that we rectify the situation that has arisen, and you can ask for a statement and rectify the situation, make additions, destroy or block the personal data.
  • c) If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact us via our contact page. You can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
  • d) You can withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time. If you withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data, your personal data will be erased or diagnosed; however, this does not apply to the personal data that S&F Solutions B.V. necessary to comply with legal obligations (for example, to process orders already submitted) or to protect the legitimate interests of the company. Personal data is also destroyed if the personal data is no longer necessary for the stated purpose or if the storage of your data is inadmissible for other reasons established by law.
  1. Websites​

5.1. Cookies files

Our website uses so-called. cookies, so that our offer is relevant, interesting and user-friendly for you. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, smartphone or other device and are used in your web browser. More information about cookies can be found here . We use cookies e.g. for:

  • for the correct functionality of the shopping cart to complete your order as easily as possible
  • to remember your login details so you don't have to enter them repeatedly
  • for the best adaptation of our website to your needs by tracking the frequency of visits, your movement on the site and the use of functions
  • identifying information about viewing advertisements so that we do not advertise items that you are not interested in

Some cookies may collect information which is then used by third parties and which, for example, directly support our advertising activities (so-called "third party cookies"). For example, information about products purchased on our site may be displayed at an advertising agency in the context of the display and adaptation of advertising banners on the Internet on the websites shown to you.However, you cannot be identified according to this data.

5.2. The use of cookie files

The cookies used on our site can be divided into two basic types. The so-called short-term "session cookies" are immediately deleted as soon as you stop visiting our website. the wake. "persistent cookies" remain stored on your device for much longer, or remain stored until you delete them manually (the time the cookies persist on your device depends on the setting of the cookie itself and your browser settings).< /p>

A cookie can also be classified according to their functionality at:

  • analytical cookies, which help us to increase the user comfort of our website by understanding how users use it
  • conversion cookies, which allow us to analyze the capacity of different sales channels
  • tracking cookies (control cookies) which, in combination with the conversion cookies, help to analyze the capacity of the different sales channels
  • remarketing cookies, which we use for the personalization of the advertising content and the correction thereof
  • essential cookies that are important for the basic functionality of the website

5.3. Refuse cookie files

The setting for the use of cookie files is part of your internet browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies in the default setting. You can refuse cookie files with your web browser or limit their acceptance to types selected by you.

Information about browsers and how to set preferences for cookie files can be found on the following websites or in the documentation of the internet browsers

5.4. Links

Our website contains links to other websites that are useful and provide information. Please note that these websites may be owned and operated by other companies and organizations and have different principles of security and protection of personal data. Our company has no control and assumes no liability whatsoever for any information, material, products or services contained in or accessible through these websites.

  1. Contact us

In the event of any questions, comments and requests regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at the customer service listed in the footer of these Principles.

Email for data protection: Privacy officer.

Customer service: +3120 239 0930 or email us at customer service 

  1. Version Control 

privacy policy version 1.2 valid from 15-05-2020.



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