SHARP&FLEX's face masks are the right way to stand out.

SHARP&FLEX's face masks are the right way to stand out.

SHARP&FLEX items are not only there to meet your needs. They are also designed to act as a functional fashion accessories to effortlessly transform your look from boring to fantastic.
Whether it's about making a Fashion Statement or styling your look, with our items in general and our mouth caps in particular, you're assured of that. You can choose from 4 unique and striking designs so that you can create your own unique look.

Element FIRE-Perfect for brave and impulsive people who want their clothes to show their confident, energetic and independent character while adding a striking flair to their look.

Element EARTH-designed with the sober and disciplined in mind, this statement is ideal for people who are practical, reliable and able to maintain the balance, both at work and in relationships.

Element AIR-offers exactly the right fit for all easy and descriptive personalities who are more social, more artistic and have no trouble expressing their emotions or communicating with others.

Element WATER-ideal for the pure who are not afraid to show deep emotion, great empathy and sensitivity together. Perfect to express the depth of your creativity and soul.

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